i am a holistic doula, eager to support you no matter your stage in motherhood.

As your doula, I want to pick you up and help you shine. I will be the voice that asks you to dig deeper, go further, push yourself and your boundaries. I know that you are stronger than you seem.

I’m discreet and sensitive, quick to pick up on feelings and tensions. I’m empathetic and soft, often investing myself emotionally to the point where I feel like your problem is my problem, too. I will be there to laugh, talk and cry with you, no matter what you are feeling.

I’ll be there to ask you the hard questions. What is it that you really need? I won’t let you get off that easy. I can sense when hard work needs to be done, and I will lovingly push you in the right direction.

pregnancy support

Pregnancy is a seemingly long, yet very short time to prepare yourself for the biggest transcendence of your life. I want you to feel confident in knowing that you are capable of birthing your baby autonomously, in a way that suits your specific needs and desires. I will help you fight for your independence in a medical model that fears women, babies and birth.

i want you to lean on your ancestors, lean on the women around you, lean on me… we will hold you up until you feel strong and safe enough to do it on your own.

During our prenatal visits we will go over many things, including:

  • Listening to what your body and your baby are telling you by tapping into your inner knowing
  • Learning about pregnancy and childbirth in relevant, relatable ways so that you feel educated and confident in your body’s ability to sustain life and birth autonomously
  • Taking back your power so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by medical advice and dependent on health care professionals
  • Debriefing and letting go of any fears and anxiety about the pregnancy, birth or your new role as a mother
  • Envisioning your perfect birth scenario and creating a birth plan that supports your desires during the birth and immediate postpartum period
  • Rethinking the way you perceive pleasure, pain and childbirth
  • Navigating the medical model and learning your human rights as a “patient” of the state
  • Preparing for the many choices you will face during birth
  • Guidance in eating a nutritionally balanced diet using wholesome, plant-based foods
  • Planning for the postpartum period emotionally and physically
  • Prenatal yoga to support your body and soul, no matter your level (beginner to advanced)
  • emotional support for your partner, so that they feel competent in supporting you through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period
  • emotional support for your child(ren), who may be struggling with the changes in their family life
  • Bilingual support for anglophone mothers navigating the French medical system

birth support

I believe the way we birth matters. Birth is so much more than the end result of a “healthy” baby and mother. It is a journey that has the capacity to awaken the most incredible woman the world has ever seen.

i want you to show up to your birth in the full power of the goddess that you are, in all her wisdom and knowing, commanding respect and advocating for yourself and your baby with competency.

I have full faith in your ability to bring your baby earthside. I can be completely hands off, a discreet and sensitive solace that supports you in presence alone. Alternatively, I can be very much hands on, offering massage, touch, mental guidance and physical support.

My birth support will change, evolve and adapt to whatever you may need in the moment:

  • A steady reminder that you are capable of birthing your baby
  • Unwavering trust in your ability to state what is right for you and your baby
  • Guidance to open and melt into each contraction, allowing your baby to descend to this earth
  • Suggestions on positions to try if you feel stuck or overwhelmed
  • Emotional and physical support for your partner
  • Guidance and support for your child(ren) should they be present for the birth
  • Emotional support and guidance as you birth the placenta — the often forgotten stage of childbirth!
  • Cleaning up in the immediate postpartum, so that you can give all of your attention to your newborn baby
  • Nourishing food and drink brought to your bedside so that you can regain strength and celebrate your glorious birth
  • Bilingual support for anglophone mothers birthing with a French medical team

postpartum support

Most women don’t have the support they need to flourish after introducing a new baby to their family. We are all told how hard it will be and yet we are often left feeling underprepared, overwhelmed, lonely and depressed.

in the postpartum period, i am here to look after you.

I will tenderly mother you so that you have the strength and tranquility to take care of your baby in all the ways they need. You will be able to text or call whenever you need guidance, have a question, or just want someone to vent to. During my home-visits, I will nourish you, both body and soul, with warm teas and good conversation.

Here are some of the many ways I will support you in the postpartum period:

  • home cooked, plant-based meals that are nutritionally balanced so that you can heal your body and rebuild your strength
  • support in breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth diapers
  • emotional support and guidance as we debrief your pregnancy and birth experience
  • help around the house with whatever chores need to be done and looking after older children
  • rocking and singing to your baby while you have a moment alone to yourself
  • natural, easy ways to heal yourself and your baby using items found in most cupboards
  • exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles in a gentle, suitable manner for your unique physical needs
  • gentle, restorative yoga to help heal, strengthen and soften the body after the physical demands of birth and breastfeeding
  • guidance and help as you tap into your intuition and knowing as a woman and mother
  • guidance for your partner so that they, too, will feel supported during this powerful transition
  • respectful support and guidance for your older child(ren) to help them come to terms with the new family dynamic

in-person services are available to families living in Grenoble and communities within a 1 hour radius.