As a birth worker, I aim to support women no matter their stage in life. With loving guidance and support, I will listen to your thoughts, fears and dreams as you make your way through life as a woman. My services encompass all domains of a woman’s fertility, whether it be menstruation, conception, pregnancy, birth or loss… and, of course, motherhood itself.

what is a doula?

Traditionally, the word doula comes from Greek, meaning “female slave”. In today’s modern terms, it is now known as a woman without formal obstetric training who provides support and guidance throughout pregnancy and birth.

We are not doctors, we are not midwives, we are not “allowed” to do physical exams or interfere in anything that would be considered medical.

The reason doulas have a long list of things they “can” and “cannot” do, is because our modern understanding of what a doula is came from men.

Men who studied, examined and objectified women. Men who thought they knew what was best for women. Men who stole from woman’s innate nurturing and midwifery knowledge.

They then “revolutionised” childbirth in hospitals and became “childbirth advocates”. They became the “pioneers” of childbirth support.

Personally, I reject this modern definition.

I don’t need a man to dictate my responsibilities when connecting with another woman.

I don’t need to protect myself by adhering to a false charter dictated by men.

I don’t need to inform women of my limitations as a doula, because it’s the woman that decides these limitations.

I am free from this modern definition, because I don’t do things to women, I show women how they can do things for themselves.

Women don’t need to be told by men what to do in the birth space.

We all need to remember that,

the birth space is a woman’s space.


Pregnancy is a seemingly long, yet very short time to prepare yourself for the biggest transcendence of your life. I want you to feel confident in knowing that you are capable of birthing your baby autonomously, in a way that suits your specific needs and desires. I will help you fight for your independence in a medical model that fears women, babies and birth.


Most women don’t have the support they need to flourish after introducing a new baby to their family. We are all told how hard it will be and yet we are often left feeling underprepared, overwhelmed, lonely and depressed. I will tenderly mother you so that you have the strength and tranquillity to take care of your baby in all the ways they need. You will be able to text or call whenever you need guidance, have a question, or just want someone to vent to. During my home-visits, I will nourish you, both body and soul, with warm teas and good conversation.


In-person services are available to families living in Grenoble and within a 1 hour radius.